Why get into the care sector?

Learn more about the Herefordshire Care sector and why it might be right for you.

The sure-fire way to identify if the Herefordshire Care sector is for you

There’s never been a better time to consider a career in adult social care, one of the most fast-growing sectors in the UK, and start a job that truly makes a difference to people’s lives.

Care workers enable others to live more independently, they provide companionship, lift spirits, boost physical activity, and are also there to listen to a well-repeated and much-loved story.

But it’s not just the people that are cared for that feel the benefits – it’s those who work in the sector too.

You get to embrace your uniqueness

If you’re thinking of starting a career in the adult social care sector, think about your strengths and what you love doing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have direct experience in the sector either – you may have real life experience from caring for a relative or have learnt patience and organisational skills through parenting. It is your unique nature that will make you excel in the care sector.

Your values

There really is something for everyone. If you’re a great listener, patient, nurturing and simply want to help others, the likelihood is that you’ll thrive in this caring environment.

And as the sector grows, it brings new opportunities. Employers put values before experience and can pay for certain training enabling you to progress in your chosen career.

You work with amazing people

It goes without saying that everyone in the care sector has a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment. But on top of this, you also work with some amazing, inspirational individuals; they may be older, have a learning disability, live with dementia, or even be recovering from a physical injury. The smiles and appreciation from those you are caring for makes every day joyful.

You get to grow

As there are so many roles, you are open to so many exciting opportunities which empower you to grow and develop both professionally and personally. Plus, so many employers in this sector will fully support you with your learning journey and help you master the formal qualifications you need to truly maximise your potential.

You live your life your way

The diversity of the roles provides you with a choice of shift patterns to fit around you and your existing commitments. This flexibility allows you to carry on with your existing responsibilities outside of the workplace and doing the thing you love.