How to make the most out of the opportunities in the adult social care sector

The care sector has unlimited opportunities, so how can you identify which is the right one for you?

With so many opportunities, how can you identify the right one for you?

With the right values, motivation and commitment to help the more vulnerable people in our communities, you’ll discover that there are plenty of opportunities available to you. When it comes to climbing up the career ladder, or simply experiencing everything the sector has to offer, the sky’s the limit.

Life experience vs work experience

Many people who work in the adult social care sector don’t see their role as a job, they see it as a vocation. For some roles you don’t require a formal qualification, you just need to demonstrate that you have the right values and characteristics to succeed. So, if you have compassion, patience, and a good sense of humour with an ability to know how to be tactful, you’ll make a great care assistant.

When applying for a position to enter the care sector, think about your life experiences and what you’ve learnt from them.

Career paths and qualifications

The care sector is growing, and new and exciting opportunities are emerging all the time. Earn as you learn initiatives are possible, as well as sponsorships, to help you gain formal qualifications to further your chosen career.

When you start your career in the adult social care sector, you’ll be exposed to the hundreds of roles available and it’s likely that you’ll be drawn to a certain area. And with the support of your colleagues and managers, you can turn your dream role into a reality.

The rewards

Flexibility. The diversity of roles brings a variety in shift patterns. Employers in the care sector understand how important the work-life balance is to today’s employees, so not every role will be the usual 9 to 5.

Professional and personal development. With the range of training opportunities, you can create your ultimate career path that completely mirrors your values.

Variety. It’s rare for anyone in the care sector to have a boring day. You’ll enjoy coming into work every day and return home feeling fulfilled and valued.

Financial rewards. Imagine being paid for doing a job you love. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The starting salary for admin assistants is around £14,000 to £18,000, rising to approximately £24,000. Care Assistants start on around £15,000, and can increase to £24,000 as you gain more experience. And counsellors and management have the potential to earn up to £30,000 plus. With a breadth of roles available for all levels of experience, there is sure to be the right role for you.