Children in school. Now what?

If you are reading this blog because the title grabbed your attention, then it sounds like you are ready to embrace something new, something just for you.

Doing something purely for yourself is far from selfish. You must be happy with whatever it is that you chose to fill your days with. Only then will you truly thrive and fulfil your potential. And in the adult social care sector, nothing you do is selfish. Every time you talk with someone, smile, offer a helping hand, make someone laugh, or put on some music for an impromptu sing-along and dance you have made a huge difference to their day, and positively impacted lives.

If you are a parent with your children now all in school – there are two clear situations that you may identify with.

The first is that you put your career on hold to bring up your young children and now find yourself waving them off at the school gate just before 9am every day and returning to a very quiet house with lots to do but maybe not as interesting as what you would like to do.

The second is that you have just taken a large amount of annual leave to spend time with your family over the summer and now that it’s time to return to work, you just can’t get excited about it.

Now what?

Whether you have been out of work for a while or are wanting a complete change in direction, the adult social care sector could be for you.

What we need.

It is okay if you have not got any experience or qualifications, we value people’s qualities too. To excel in this sector, we look for people who are passionate about helping others, friendly, caring, easy to talk to, great listeners, and have a positive approach. Having a good sense of humour also helps!

So please do not think that, just because there is a gap in your CV, no employer will pay attention. Just think what you did when you were bringing up your family? You have been already using skills in patience, organisation, empathy and understanding of someone else’s needs. All qualities we want in the adult social care sector.

And, if you are looking to change career, consider what transferable skills you have. Now think, how good you will feel putting them to their best use in an environment where they help older people live their best lives.

You’ll love the flexibility

Caring doesn’t follow the usual 9 to 5 pattern of working and with such a variety of roles in the sector, you can still be around for the school run or any other responsibility that you may have outside of work.

Re-imagine your day

As no two days are the same in our world, you will have so much to tell your friends and family about. You will be delighted when someone asks you how your day went!

Now – ready for a new challenge?

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