Natalie Shaw, care support worker

Natalie has worked in care for 17 years, having spent time working in a nursing home, a carer out in the community and now as a care support worker in a care centre.

Natalie was inspired by care workers who supported her Nan to start a career in care. She said they gave Nan dignity and respect and she realised that she wanted to do that for other people.

Natalie started off her career in a nursing home with limited care knowledge. On her first day, she was asked if she knew what a commode was and replied: ‘Is it a type of canoe?’

Her next role was in domiciliary care. This role supported people in their own homes to give them independence, to help keep them in familiar surroundings.

Natalie’s most recent role is in rehabilitation. A role that allows her to make huge differences to lives, be it by helping a person learn to walk again or even just using the toilet unaided.

Natalie is proud to work in care because she likes to give people their dignity, respect and independence.

She says that nothing in the world can beat the feeling when you see someone’s smile and pride when they have managed to accomplish their goals.

The thing Natalie enjoys most about her role is making people laugh. She explains that whether the setting is rehabilitation, nursing or residential, it can be quite daunting for residents. So, to be able to go into a room and put someone’s mind at ease, whether just by sitting there and holding their hand, or by telling them everything is going to be ok, or listening to their life story, it just makes that difference.

If you are looking to pursue a career in care, Natalie says you should go for it. No two days are ever the same. You can have a laugh and a joke along the way, and you are forever learning new things every day.

Natalie Shaw, care support worker