Laura Timmins, team leader

As a team leader at The Orchard Care Home, Milkwood Care Limited, Laura enjoys being able to form relationships with a range of different people while making a positive impact on their lives and promoting their independence.

Laura works at The Orchard Care Home as a team leader. Alongside both the manager and deputy manager, she makes sure that the running of the home is effective and safe for all of the residents.

Laura was inspired to take up a career in care at just 18 years old after caring for her Mum. At 21 she had a more senior role and continued to progress over the years to her NVQ level 5 to be where she is today.

Laura is proud to work in care with the support of the team around her, where no day is the same, and everything changes so quickly. The vast differences between everyone Laura meets makes the relationships she forms so much more special. Particularly after the impact of COVID, she feels as though the team at The Orchard, as well as the residents, have become one big family after spending so much time together.

The opportunity to progress in the care sector make it a really good industry to work in. Laura says that typically, the stigma surrounding care work is often a negative one, although this should not be the case as making a difference to someone’s daily life has an extremely positive impact.


Laura Timmins, team leader