Kerryanne Rouse, support worker

After working in a nursing home for nine years, Kerryanne joined the Hillside Care Centre. She enjoys being able to see the end results of the care provided and enabling residents to go to their next placement, or back home.

Kerryanne works at Hillside Care Centre as a support worker. She previously worked at a nursing home caring for individuals who have Dementia and supporting residents with their nursing needs. In the care centre, I feel like I’m making a real difference to people’s lives. For example, someone might come in on a stretcher, we’ll assist them for four to six weeks, and hopefully they’ll then feel well enough to leave the care centre with an aid. This really is one of the most rewarding parts of the role.

The people that Kerryanne interacts with daily are coming into the centre for a variety of reasons and they are all from different walks of life, ages, and disabilities. Providing them all with a positive experience gives her a great sense of achievement.

Kerryanne is proud to work in care as she can see the impact, she has on people’s lives every day. She says that the most enjoyable part of her role is the laughter and the life stories she gets to hear alongside working with a team who vary in age and experience.

If someone wanted to pursue a career in care, Kerryanne’s advice would be to do it. She says if you go in open minded, accepting no two days are ever the same and keep a good sense of humour, you’ll love it.

Kerryanne Rouse, support worker