Ellis Davies, activities coordinator

Ellis started her career as an activities coordinator at Stretton Nursing Home five years ago after realising how much she enjoyed engaging with the residents when visiting the home to cut hair.

Ellis works at Stretton Nursing Home as the activities coordinator. She was previously the home’s hairdresser but after two years, she realised how much she loved engaging with the residents, so she ended her career in hairdressing and started out in the care sector.

Ellis has been an activities coordinator since. Her role involves providing the nursing home residents with daily mental stimulation to help their social engagement and improved cognitive function. It also prevents social isolation and most of all, gives residents a good living experience during their last years.

Ellis is proud of working in the care sector because she knows that she is making a difference to people’s lives every single day. She says the most rewarding aspect of being an activities coordinator is meeting so many different people and hearing their life stories. She enjoys helping to reignite those stories through activities.

If somebody was considering a career in care, Ellis’s advice is to do it. She couldn’t recommend it enough and highlights that there are so many different diverse job roles within the care sector that there’s something for everyone.

Ellis Davies, activities coordinator